Parts and assemblies, including

• Bicycle frames
• Bicycle forks
• Prosthetic feet
• Race car components
• Drone structural components

Services include

• Product design
• Composite laminate design
• Bonded joint design
• Material and hardware structural testing
• Structural and thermal analysis
• Composite process development
• Failure investigation
• Custom fatigue testing

Key Equipment

• Hot platen presses ranging up to 36in x 36in
• Autometrix CNC cutting table
• Paragon custom sheeter, programmable for multiple consecutive lengths
• CNC 3-axis capability for molds, tooling and part fabrications
• CNC router
• Ovens up to 3’ x 5’ x 6’
• Universal Load Test Machine up to 50 kN (11,200lb)
• Century Design Rolling Table, 6 ft, heated platen
• Dual hot oil programmable temperature control unit (heating /cooling) for stand-alone molding operations
• Laser marking system